Setting Your Intention for 2020

Happy New Year! I hope all of you were able to celebrate the beginning of 2020 with family and friends, and for those of you who worked so the rest of us could enjoy our evening, *thank you* and I hope you’re able to take some time off to relax and recover in the next few days. Whether 2019 was your best year yet or one you’d like to forget, this is a great moment for all of us to start looking forward to new beginnings, a fresh start, hope for a bright future or whatever it is you’re wishing for in the new decade.

Y’all can probably guess that I’m off work since I’m here writing for the blog again. 😉 It’s always such a challenge to find time to write during a normal week. Between work and home, there’s just not enough hours! But this year I’m really hoping to be more intentional about writing on a regular schedule, whether that’s once a week or once a month. Besides the fact that I love writing, I also upgraded to a paid account so y’all don’t have to look at those weird ads WordPress puts on their free accounts. If you read my last post here, you know how important money management is in our family. I bought it, so I should use it!

Speaking of intentions, I love the new trend of setting an intention for the new year instead of goals or resolutions. It just seems so much more attainable and more focused on impacting others, as opposed to improving myself. So a couple of years ago, I started asking God if he would give me a word for the year, like a theme or intention that will allow Him to refine me and work through me to impact the people in my life. To be completely honest, I don’t even remember my word for 2019 – I think it might have been “patience,” in which case I failed miserably. I’m really glad I’m writing it down this year, so I don’t forget.

I think it was around November when I felt the Lord telling me to set my intention for 2020 on being *thoughtful* and more intentional about actively caring for the people around me. In fact, I feel not only called to be more thoughtful, but actually convicted about it too. Like it’s extra important this year to really focus on my intention and make a real change in this area of my life. With the Lord’s help, I certainly intend to try!

We all have people in our life who just seem to have a knack for being thoughtful. They’re the ones who always remember to send a card for your birthday, call or text you randomly just to check in, remember to ask about important things that are happening in your life and genuinely listen when you open your heart to them. They are able to speak any and every love language it seems like! And they’re not only thoughtful toward their family and friends. They also notice other people around them and go out of their way to make a difference in their life, whether it’s leaving a big tip for the stressed out waitress or crossing the entire sanctuary to shake hands with a visitor at church. I’m so blessed to have lots of people like this in my life, which gives me a lot of role models for becoming more thoughtful in 2020.

I really struggle with remembering things in general, so being thoughtful doesn’t exactly come naturally or easily for me. So while I’m not completely sure how this will pan out, I’m looking forward to the challenge and hopefully the opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of those around me. I’ll let y’all know how it goes!

Are you setting an intention for 2020? What intention or word do you feel the Lord calling you to in the new year? I’d love to know! Please share in the comment section below.




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