The Best App for Following Your Favorite Websites and Blogs

img_5256Sundays are my favorite! I’m sitting here in my comfy clothes watching football while I type this post. We went to church this morning, and my heart and mind are so full from being in God’s Word and worshiping with our church family. I hope you’re enjoying your day as much as I am!

I’ve been wanting to write a post about my favorite content reader app because I LOVE to read, almost more than anything else, and this app makes it so easy to compile all of my favorite content in one convenient space. Years ago I used Google Reader to follow all of my favorite blogs and news websites. (Let’s be honest, my life basically runs on Google and Amazon…). So when Google closed that platform a few years ago, I needed to find something new. I don’t even remember how I found it,  but I started using Feedly and I absolutely love it!

Feedly is an app that allows you to read all your favorite blogs, news sites and pretty much any website all in the app. That means you don’t have to go to each site to get the content, it just shows up automatically in your Feedly feed. You just type the URL into the app, and then you can start following it through your Feedly account. I have mine linked to my Google account, so it’s also really easy to log in. You can also log in through Facebook. I’m sure there are other apps like that, but Feedly is so simple and convenient to use. I’ve never considered anything else, to be honest! It’s available for iPhone and Android too.

For me, Feedly is where I follow all my favorite blogs and get the news from my favorite media outlets. Everything is compiled in a single feed, and you can scroll through and read it all at once or pick and choose specific posts to read from your feed. Whatever you read will be removed from the feed, unless you mark it for another use, and whatever you don’t read will stay in your feed until you read it.

It also has useful functions like “Read Later” which lets you mark posts that you want to go back and read later (pretty self explanatory :)), and “Personal Boards” where you can save posts related to your interests. Like I have boards for “Home Projects” and “Travel” so I can go back and read those posts again for reference when we want to do something to our house or take a trip.

You can also follow other websites, like I follow the U.S. State Department Travel Alert website so I will know when a travel alert has been published for countries outside the U.S. If an alert is issued, it automatically shows up in my Feedly, with all the information released by the State Department. It’s really useful because honestly I would never remember to check for things like that on my own!

So those are my thoughts on Feedly and why you should totally be using it! Word of caution though, it’s extremely addicting! I can literally sit for hours reading through my feed because it’s all content that I actually want to read! And for the record, this post is completely my own endorsement and I’m not receiving anything from Feedly in return. In fact, I doubt they’ll even see this post. But I’m sharing it with you because I love it so much and I really think you’ll love it too!

Until next time,


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